Cleaning Methods

Area Rugs: Cleaning and Washing

Dry Soil Removal

For your delicate fibers such as wools and silks, the first thing we do is use a machine to create a vibration on the rug, which shakes out all of the dirt. This is the same action as what grandma used to do by beating the rugs on the clothesline. This machine is called a Rug Badger.

Washing/Submerging Cleaning

The carpet is submerged in water and cleaning solutions for the appropriate fibers. Depending on the fiber and soiling, these are either hand scrubbed, horsehair brushed, or machine scrubbed. This method of cleaning is most effective for removing pet urine/feces, and spills.

Rinsing Cycle

Rugs are thoroughly rinsed with fresh water or an emulsifier to remove cleaning solutions and any more soiling.


Carpets must be hung-dried on our drying rack to prevent wrinkling and curling of edges. The final process: they are inspected and any touch-up cleaning is performed before they are wrapped in plastic for delivery.