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Rug Cleaning/Sales

Custom Area Rugs

You can custom order any carpet we have in the show room into an area rug. This is so YOU can choose the size, color, and style to fit exactly where you want it to go!


You can customize the shape to fit your needs (ex: rectangle, square, circle, oval, half circle, L shape or half moon), size, edge finish (surging, binding fabric or leather) and attached pad options. 

nArea Rug Cleaning Methods

Washing/Submerge Clean

The rug is submerged in water and cleaning solutions for the appropriate fibers. Depending on the fiber and soiling, these are either hand scrubbed, horsehair brushed or machine scrubbed. This method of cleaning is most effective for removing pet urine/feces and spills.

Rinsing Cycle

Rugs are thoroughly rinsed with fresh water or an emulsifier to remove cleaning solutions and any other soiling. 


The rugs must be hung-dried on our drying rack to prevent wrinkling and the edges from curling. 

The FINAL process is inspecting the rug(s) and doing any touch up cleaning, which is preformed before we wrap them in plastic. 

Dry Clean

Our special Rug Badger machine creates a vibration that allows the soil to shake out the carpet, just how they used to beat their rugs out in the old days with a rug beater. 

Every time carpet is beat, dirt drops to the ground. Today’s technology is 100x better! A thorough vacuuming follows after our vibration machine removes the dry soil

(sometimes compressed air is used to remove dry soil).

The amount of dry soil that is removed from most carpets would amaze you!

Some, especially older and more antique carpets that cannot withstand cleaning solutions or immersive water cleaning, are better with s dry-cleaning system.

  • Dry cleaning is a simple way to get all of the dirt your vacuum cannot reach
  • Dry cleaning makes your carpet feel cleaner and lighter to walk on
Don’t waste any more time with your soiled area rugs. Come get your area rugs dry cleaned by Rohr’s Carpet Cleaning today!
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