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Upholstery Cleaning


Gold Package:

We pre-vacuum the furniture followed by an application of the appropriate cleaning detergent, depending on the fiber, which is then agitated into the fiber and rinsed with our upholstery cleaning machine. This is then followed by an application of stain protection and speed drying of furniture with our turbo fans.

Silver Package:

Includes everything offered in the gold package minus the stain protection & speed drying process.

Super Dry-Cleaning Package:

Includes truck mount machine service to remove dry soils. If we are cleaning your carpets, you can ask for a free demonstration of dry-soil removal. We use a cloth filter on a 2×2 area on your furniture to show how much soil is actually there.

Super Vacuuming:

We will do a deep and thorough vacuuming on your furniture, move the cushions out if possible and clean up all the hair and crumbs that may be hiding.

We also offer other methods of cleaning which includes dry foam, dry absorbent, low moisture cleaning and shampooing. 

If you clean your bedding and sheets on a normal basis, why wouldn’t you clean your couches and chairs? Our cleaning processes are an excellent way to make sure you get rid of all the dust mites that could be infesting your furniture. 

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