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Cleaning Packages

to fit your budget and needs!

All packages come with a carpet inspection and estimate to restretch wrinkles out, fix seams, and patch holes. Rohr’s Carpet Cleaning will make your carpet look better, last longer, and healthier for your babies and pets to play on. We are certified IICRC technicians and will provide the best quality service!

*Prices may vary after inspection of carpet, and abusive soiling will have extra costs
*Kool-Aid or specialty stain removal will include extra charges

Carpet manufacturers warranties state that you must have your carpets cleaned every 12-24 months by an IICRC certified firm (Rohr’s is) to keep your carpet in warranty. 


 “We will make your carpet look better, last longer, and healthier for your kids and dogs to play on!”


Cleaning Packages

Bronze Package:

(average of $0.40 – 0.50 sq/ft for normal soiling)

• Client pre-vacuum (if we pre-vacuum it’s an extra charge)
• Clean around furniture (pathways/open areas) and move small items
• Pre-spotting for difficult spots (common household spills such as pop)
• Hot water extraction cleaning with truck mount
• Turn on ceiling and house fans to speed drying process and client will provide extra fans to help with the drying of carpet

 Gold Package:

(average of $0.50 – 0.60 sq/ft for normal soiling)

• We will pre-vacuum
• Hot water extraction cleaning with truck mount
• Pre-spotting for difficult spots
• Move lightweight furniture (couch, chairs, dressers)
• Placement of turbo fans to jumpstart the drying process while the technicians are there
• Turn on ceiling and house fans to speed drying process

Platinum Package:

(average of $0.70 – $1.00 sq/ft for normal soiling)

• Edge and baseboard cleaning
• We will pre-vacuum
• Hot water extraction cleaning with truck mount
• Pre-spotting for difficult spots
• Move furniture (couch, chairs, dressers)
• Turn on ceiling and house fans to speed drying process
• Leave turbo fans at location to be picked up later, for fastest drying
• Carpet protection applied (Scotch Guard or Teflon)

Empty House Cleaning/Apartments – Moving In or Moving Out

• Package is for empty houses with at least 500 sq/ft of carpet to be cleaned starting at $0.40 sq/ft
• Pre-spray applied
• Hot water extraction cleaning with truck mount
• Pre-spotting for difficult spots (common household spills such as pop)
• Let us help you sell your house or make your new home cleaner! Why live in someone else’s dirt?
• Add on Air Duct Cleaning when moving into a new house – ask about our discount when you do both carpet cleaning & air duct cleaning services on the same day!

 Stain Protection

The same Teflon brand technology that keeps foods from sticking to your pots and pans prevents those inevitable spills from sticking to your carpet or upholstery. When you have Teflon/Scotchguard carpet and upholstery protector applied, you have the assurance your carpet and upholstery are protected with a tried, true and trusted premium-quality product.

Teflon/Scotchguard carpet and upholstery protector is nontoxic and safe for use around your family and pets. It leaves no odor or residue and is CFC & solvent-free. You get an extra 7 day warranty callback if protector was applied, as long as the abuse or damage was not noted on the work order. 


Restretching/Patching/Carpet Repairs

Have wrinkles in your carpet? No worries!

At Rohr’s, we have the tools and training necessary to restore your carpet to its original smooth and attractive look. We use special carpet restretching tools designed to stretch the carpet fabric and release the loose wrinkles. We have 4th generation installers and IICRC Certified Installation and Repair technicians on site as well. 


Pet Odors & Odor Treatments 

Such as smoke, food, pets etc. 

Problems with Pet Accidents:

• Repulsive Stains
• Unpleasant Odor
• Unhealthy Conditions for pets and humans

We have the solutions to fit your budget and needs:

Call us to do a Black Light Inspection/Assessment/Estimate. What is a Black light assessment?

One of our certified technicians will come to your house and check with the lights off. They will identify areas that pets have urinated in that may be invisible to the naked eye with normal light. Once the problem(s) have been identified, further inspection may be needed such as pulling the carpet and pad back to see if urine penetrated the sub-floor.

Top Treatment (price to be given during assessment):

• A few spots without any spots having been concentrated in one particular area (repeated urine in one spot) the dog or cat pees a little here and there
• Carpet may need just a little extra than a professional cleaning
• Extra special treatment for vomit, urine or feces in needed areas by washing with a waterclaw extraction tool.
• We have special cleaning solutions for your problem along with extra flushing of the carpet and an application of disinfectant and/or deodorizer.
• Results vary – this treatment will leave your carpet cleaner, healthier and smelling fresher than before. Many people ask us, “Will the cat or dog pee there again and is there any guarantee?” Answer: To be honest, and true, we are not pet trainers. As long as you have pets, they may soil the carpet again.
• Another frequently asked question, “Will my home still smell like I have a pet?” Answer: Depending on if you still have a pet. If not, then it will smell better. We recommend using NI-712 Deodorizer to control odors in the home (you can purchase different scents in store or in the Our Products tab). Cost prices vary to be given during the inspection/assessment/estimate phase. 

Results vary and if the pet re-enters the home, depending on how much the pet smells and if you use a deodorizer. 



1. Wash your hands

2. Rub them together

3. Pet your cat or dog

4. Rub your hands together again and you will feel how much oil comes off of their fur and into your carpet (all that the vacuum sweeper does not remove)


What is the Top-Treatment process?

1. A pre-spray is used to help remove pet dander and oils in the carpet

2. Carpet is scrubbed using a carpet rake or machine to help remove soil and contamination

3. The carpet is steam cleaned at temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit – the max carpet makers recommend cleaning at

4. Anything over 136 degrees starts to kill germs. Your hot water heater, by law, can only go to 130 degrees and most are set at 110 degrees. Our machines can go up to 250 degrees (which is why we out preform carpet cleaning rentals or diy’s). Carpet is flushed again to ensure maximum contamination removal

5. A deodorizer and disinfectant are applied.


Pad & Carpet Contamination

(small area contamination on carpet, pad to sub-floor)

• Problems include extreme odor in one part of a room
• Occupant may experience headaches
• Health is an issue as well

The pet has a favorite spot and continues to contaminate that one spot.

After the area is identified, the client is given a cost assessment, which includes cost to clean or replace carpet.


Pad Removal & Cleaning

Pull carpet back, remove pad, install water-proof plastic to protect sub-floor, fold carpet back, wash/submerge carpet with special urine remover, continue to flood carpet until window shows clean water rinsing throughout  carpet, apply disinfecting deodorizer for pet urine, fold carpet back, remove plastic, clean sub-floor and apply odor sealant to prevent contamination from coming up to the main floor (in some cases, floor wood under the carpet will be replaced), dry carpet similar to water damage jobs, install new pad and re-install carpet, carpet is cleaned in normal manner (result for this method is highly effective and vary depending on other small spots throughout the house and if the pet remains in the house


Severe Pet Urine Contamination, Sewer, Mold etc.

Gross contamination in this situation, cost to restore/clean the carpet to a healthy state is higher than replacing it.

• We can help you select a replacement floor
• Before new floor is installed, the sub-floor will be cleaned/sealed

We also clean other hard surfaces with urine contamination. Check out our other pages to learn more about it. 

For an Estimate & Fast Service  

• Give us a call at (785) 625-5977 between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
• Email us at rohrscarpets@ruraltel.net with the following information

We will respond as soon as possible (normally within 24 hours) Please keep in mind that phone and email estimates are not exact prices. We can only give exact prices from an in-house inspection estimate. A written quote is given after the carpet inspection onsite. Thank you!



Telephone Number:

Email Address:

Best Time To Contact You (before 5pm, after 5pm, or weekends):

1. What is your main concern for cleaning?
• General Soiling 
• Dog or another pet odor – would you like a black light inspection?
• New House
• Spots
• Odors. What kind?
• Carpet is under warranty and want to keep it maintained
• Other, please explain: ___________________________________

2. How old is the carpet?

3. What is the type and style of your carpet?
• Cut loop (includes friezes and plushes)
• Loop (includes berbers) 

4. What Type of fiber is your carpet made out of?
• Nylon
• Polyester
• Wool
• Polypropylene
• Other: _________________________________

Depending on what your carpet is made out of, we will determine the best cleaning solution to clean your carpets. Not all carpets use the same cleaning chemicals. 

5. What color is your carpet? Is it dark or light?

6. How many square feet do you have?

7. What type of service packages would best suit your needs (see packages section for more information)
• Bronze Package
• Gold Package
• Platinum Package
• Empty House/Apartment Cleaning
• OR make your own Cleaning Package!

8. Does your carpet have any of these issues?
___ Wrinkles/Needs re-stretched
___ Seams coming apart
___ Carpet has pulled away from wall
___ Unknown Stains

9. Type of building needing cleaning?
• Residential
• Commercial

10. Are you looking for the best possible service for the highest quality care of cleaning your carpet, by expert, certified, carpet and fabric care specialists? Clean for your health. We kill germs with our cleaning and restore the carpet. 

If the answer is YES, then Rohr’s Carpet Cleaning & Sales is who you are looking for!


Service Area
Rohr’s Carpet Cleaning & Sales services anyone within an 80-mile radius of the city of Hays, Kansas. Mileage/travel charge may be applied.

We have split mileage options with friends, neighbors or family members PLUS $15.00 off for referring a friend! 

Common towns we have regular clients in: Ness City, Wakeeney, Ransom, Grinnell, Hill City, Stockton, Osborne, Russell, Wilson, LaCrosse and Rush Center.


Hot Water Extraction (Steam) Cleaning

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning (often referred to as “steam” cleaning) is a restorative deep cleaning process. It consists of a prespray cleaning solution application to aid and assisit in the physical removal and/or dissolving of soil particles followed by the injection under pressure of a hot water-soluable cleaning solution into the carpet. The injection process is followed by an immediate powerful vacuum extraction phase to remove soil, pollutants, bacteria, allergens, dust and the cleaning solution for the carpeting.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the choice of over 90% of professional cleaners today as their primary method of cleaning.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is efficient at removing all types of carpet soiling. A wide variety of chemistry exists to assist in the break down and physical removal of water-soluable soiling such as sugar, food, beverages and salt. Secondly, dry solveant soluble soiling such as oil, grease, tar, body oils, cooling oils and cosmetics are broke down, dislodged, and dissolved by organic and natural citrus solevants in the preconditioning phase of hot water extraction cleaning. These suspended dry solveant soluable soil particles are removed during the water and air vacuum extraction phase of cleaning. Thirdly, insoluable (particles that will not dissolve in water or dry solveant) such as clay, sand, quartz, carbon, animal fiber and graphite are removed by either literally surrounding the particles through a cleaning solution emulsification process or by lifting the particle with a foaming agent. These emulsified and suspended particles are removed by the water rinsing process of hot water extraction. Finally, some spills, spots and stains, that may alter or damage the dye structure of the carpeting, or that may still remain on the fiber can have their permanent discoloration or damage reduced or can be completely removed by the application of specialized carpet spotting solutions.

Indoor Air Quality Principles

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning follows closely the principles of indoor pullutant and contaminant reduction. First, some biological contaminants can be eliminated by the application of hot water (above 130 F) across the carpet. Secondly, many pollutants  and containments can be destroyed, removed or inactivated by special chemical application. Thirdly, we can effectively physically remove contamination. Through the use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we dissolve, suspend, lubricate, emulsify, or absorb soils to aid in their subsequent removal by extraction. Through the use of water pressure agitation and vacuum extraction we remove many of the contaminants and pollutants. Finally, by the use of powerful vacuum air movement across the carpet surface, we provide ventilation and air movement for contaminant reduction by releasing trapped aerosols and gases.

Texture Retention

It has been a recognized value that hot water extraction contributes to refreshing the texture of a carpet. The moisture and heat tighten up the twist that is slightly affected by traffic. It aids in fiber resiliency and pile appearance. It is a myth that people can do absolutely nothing to their carpet and always have it preform correctly irrespective of the fiber type and carpet construction. Periodic hot water extraction cleaning provides benefit first and foremost to the carpet consumer by making their carpet look better, smell better, last longer and by providing a healthier atmosphere. However, this commitment to proper carpet maintenance also provides a benefit to the entire carpet industry by upholding the reputation of the carpet products and how they perform.

The “Problems”

These are sometimes associated with hot water extraction cleaning such as unreasonable drying times (longer than 1 to 24 hours), mildew, carpet resoiling, seam separation, rotting, shrinkage and browning are simply not present when the carpet is cleaned by a trained certified professional cleaner, using quality equipment and cleaning solutions and following sound procedures. Specifications to the cleaner to follow cleaning standards set by the IICRC Standards S001-1991 for hot water extraction prevents cleaning problems.

Consumer Explanation

The hot water extraction (“steam”)  carpet cleaning process can easily be described by comparing it to the traditional laundry process.

1. Preconditioning of difficult soiling and spotting

2. Wash/rinse cycles

3. Drying cycle

The first step applies cleaning agents specifically designed to dissolve and break down soil to prepare it for removal from the carpet during the wash/rinse phase. This oily, greasy and sometimes gritty soil must be regularly cleaned out of the carpet, or it will have an abrasive “sandpaper-like” effect on the carpet fibers. The amount of dwell time that the preconditioner requires to do its job depends on the amount and type of soiling., and the amount of agitation that can be used without distorting the carpet fibers. The second step, the wash/rinse cycle consists of hot cleaning solution being injected under pressure into the carpet to suspend soil, pollutants, bacteria, allergens, dust. The wash/rinse phase separates hot water extraction from other carpet cleaning methods. The application of hot cleaning solutions under pressure assists in soil suspension and removal as well as reducing contamination. This creates a cleaner, healthier environment.

The final step is drying. In this phase, the powerful vacuum extraction system removes the suspended soil, pollutants, bacteria, allergens, dust and cleaning solution. Virtually, no reside is left in the carpet, and the moisture remaining generally evaporates, leaving the carpet dry within 1 to 12 hours. Drying times will vary depending on environmental conditions, humidity, and the density of the carpet, This drying process can be accelerated by the use of powerful. Tubo carpet blowers to increase the evaporation rate.

The Critical Facts

1. Carpet is installed on the floor

2. Because of gravity, things fall down to the floor and collect on the carpet, which serves as a sink. In addition, carpet acts like a filter and collects airborne contaminants

3. Soil, bacteria, allergens, pollutants and dust make up these things that fall onto and collect in the carpeting

4. Soiled carpeting looks bad, unhealthy and has a greater tendency to wear faster and pack and mat more quickly

5. The sink must be cleaned or emptied of its contents, i.e. – the soil, bacteria, allergens, pollutants and dust must be cleaned out

6. Our first priority in cleaning is to make the carpet healthier and secondly to improve its appearance

7. Hot water extraction cleaning consists of a prespray cleaning solution application, the injection under pressure of a hot water-soluable cleaning solution into the carpet, followed by an immediate powerful vacuum extraction

8. Hot water extraction cleaning applies four different indoor air pollution reduction principles to reduce contamination

9. Hot water extraction cleaning refreshes the texture of carpeting

10. Carpet that has been properly cleaned by hot water extraction will dry within 1 to 12 hours under most environmental conditions

11. Hot water extraction cleaning is recognized by all fiber producers and all major carpet mills as a safe, effective process for carpet cleaning

12. Children and pets should be kept off of any freshly cleaned carpet for 6 to 12 hours

Some of the carpet fiber manufacturers and carpet mills that recognize hot water extraction (steam) cleaning as a safe, effective cleaning method when done properly by a trained, qualified professional.

A word about Our Carpet Cleaning Services:

Thank you for the opportunity to clean your carpet. So that we may provide the best possible service to you in the most efficient manner, your cooperation will assist us in living up to quality of service. Before our cleaning crew is due to arrive:

What to do Before We Arrive

1. Please pun up any full-length draperies so that they are at least 6 inches from the floor. This can easily be done with a clothes hanger and will allow the technician to be able to clean the carpet all the way to the to the wall without touching the draperies.

2. Please pin up any skirts on bedding or upholstered furniture that may be touching the floor to prevent them from getting damp.

3. Please move small furniture items, ash trays, lamps etc. away from the area being cleaned. This will shorten processing time and return your carpet back to normal use as soon as possible.

4. Please pre-vacuum the carpet before we arrive and leave your vacuum out so we can inspect it to make sure it works properly. If you are unable to pre-vacuum, there are additional charges.

China cabinets and other large expensive items cannot be moved unless they are emptied of all breakables. The carpet underneath may be hand cleaned if there is enough room. Pianos will not be moved unless client is able to help us and accept responsibilities for any damages to the piano.

6. We love your children and pets: however, because our crews are working with machines and cleaning solutions, we ask that you keep children and pets away from the areas we are working in for their safety.

7. Please call a technician’s attention to any spots or stains that may require special attention and, if possible, what caused them. With proper identification, our trained technician can remove many but not all spots or stains.

If there are any other items that need brought to our attention, please do so. We want our customer to be completely satisfied with our work so that you may enjoy freshly cleaned carpet.


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