Air Duct Cleaning

We are Air-Care Certified Air Duct Cleaning Specialists!

Perfect time to clean your air ducts:

  • If you buy a new home, why live in someone else’s dirt?
  • If you had construction work done in your house, now is the perfect time to get debris out!
  • If you’re going to get new flooring, the perfect time to clean your air ducts are right before you install your new flooring while the rooms are empty rather than moving furniture around!
  • If you’re getting your carpets cleaned. You will also get a package discount for carpet & air duct cleaning!

Rohr’s Air Duct Cleaning provides your family cleaner & healthier indoor air. Our equipment is designed to be aggressive at removing debris from your air system. It is also gentle enough so that it does not damage your air ducts.

If you relate to any of the above, call Rohr’s Carpet Cleaning & Sales to schedule a time to choose one of the following after an inspection/estimate:

Air Duct Gold Package

Turbo Jet Negative Air – starting at $425

(Most thorough cleaning of vents)

  1. Using turbomax machine and system, the machine is hooked up to main ducts and creates a huge vacuum to collect all the debris in the ducts.
  2. We remove all the vent covers, wash and clean. We HEPPA vacuum any debris we see in and around the vent.
  3. Seal air flow on all other ducts except the one we are cleaning, so we have the most optimal vacuum to collect debris from ducts.
  4. A rotating cleaning brush is run through metal ducts and the main trunk line to remove dust and other debris to the negative air machine. Depending on material of ducts (such as flex and plastic) where the brush would be too abrasive, we can use air whips for more delicate ducts.
  5. A second cleaning compressed air hose is run through ducts to get fine particles out after brush cleaning.
  6. After all vents have been cleaned, optional up sales of disinfectant/deodorizers and sealant. (Not included in the gold package price)
  7. Clean up area and put covers on.

*Note – fiberglass ducts cannot be cleaned, and we recommend replacing

Air Duct Silver Package

Super Vac Brush Cleaning – starting at $!25

  1. Remove all vent covers, wash and clean. We vacuum any debris we see in and around the vent.
  2. A rotating brush with vacuum attached to it is ran through vents to clean dust and debris. Note – may not be able to use due to hole opening, can’t get vacuum hose with brush attachment into vent opening. In this case, it would be best to go with the Gold Package because a brush can fit a smaller opening.

*Note – it may not clean the main trunk line.

Economic Package

  1. Run vacuum hose down the air ducts. starting at $95

(prices are not set until after estimate)

Dryer Vent Package
Dryer Vent Cleaning helps your clothes dry faster & prevent dryer fires. This package includes: moving dryer out, checking for damages before cleaning, disconnecting the duct, cleaning duct with brush or compressed air, or combination of both, and checking the duct exhaust on the dryer to make sure there are no clogs. Extra charges for repairs if needed. Clean up our work area, reconnect dryer, and run dryer to make sure it has good air flow exiting the duct.

Discounted packages are available if you clean both your air ducts & dryer vent!

Prices starting at $95 for 5’ of exhaust ducting. We have cleaned a 25-foot-ling dryer vent and got 2 trash bags of lent removed at a quote of $175 or higher. The price depends on length and how dirty the duct is. Yes, we have came across a dryer vent that was broke and disconnected before we cleaned (the pressure if the dryer exhaust can disconnect the duct). The owners said that they would have blamed us for the damage if it wasn’t for the pre-inspection of the vent. The basement had a suspended ceiling where we could see the duct was not together and lots of lent was blowing into the basement. If this was s finished ceiling there would have been no way to tell that the duct was broke and disconnected before cleaning.