Pet Odors

We love your pets almost as much as you do! That’s why we are here to help when they have accidents. 

Problems with Pet Accidents:

  • Repulsive stains
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Unhealthy conditions for pets and humans

We have the solutions to fit your budget and needs:

Call us to do a Black Light Inspection/Assessment/Estimate. What is a Black Light Assessment?

One of our certified technicians will come to your house and check with the lights off. They will identify areas that pets have urinated in that may be invisible to the naked eye with normal light.

Once problems have been identified, further inspection may be needed such as pulling the carpet and pad back to see if urine penetrated the sub-floor.

Top Treatment (price to be given during assessment):

  • A few spots without any spots having been concentrated in one particular area (repeated urine in one spot) the dog or cat pees a little here and there
  • Carpet may need just a little extra than a professional cleaning
  • Extra special treatment for vomit, urine or feces in needed areas
  • We have special cleaning solutions for your problem along with extra flushing of the carpet and an application of disinfectant and/or deodorizer
  • Results vary – This treatment will leave your carpet cleaner, healthier, and smelling fresher than before. Many people ask us, “Will the cat or dog pee there again and is there any guarantee?” Answer: To be honest and true, we are not pet trainers. As long as you have the pets, they may soil the carpet again.
  • Another question frequently asked, “Will my home still smell like I have a pet?” Answer: Depending on if you still have a pet. If not, then it will smell better, and we recommend using NI 712 Deodorizer to control odors in the home. Cost prices vary to be given during the inspection/assessment/estimate phase.

Results vary and if the pet re-enters the home, depending on how much the pet smells.

Simple Test:

1. Wash your hands

2. Rub them together

3. Pet your cat or dog

4. Rub your hands together again and you will feel how much oil comes off of their fur and into your carpet (all that the vacuum sweeper does not remove)


What is the Top-Treatment Process?

  1. A pre spray is used to help remove pet dander and oils in the carpet
  2. Carpet is scrubbed using a carpet rake or machine to help remove soil and contamination
  3. The carpet is steam cleaned at temperatures as high as 180 degrees Fahrenheit – the max carpet makers recommend cleaning at
  4. Not anything over 136 degrees starts to kill germ. Your hot water heater, by law, can only go to 130 degrees and most are set at 110 degrees. Carpet is flushed again to ensure maximum contamination removal
  5. A deodorizer and disinfectant are applied

Pad and Carpet Contamination

Small area contamination on carpet, pad, to sub-floor

  • Problems includes extreme odor in one part of a room
  • Occupant may experience headaches
  • Health is an issue as well

The pet has a favorite spot and continues to contaminate that one spot.

After the area is identified, the client is given a cost assessment, which includes cost to clean or replace carpet.

Pad Removal and Cleaning

  1. Pull carpet back
  2. Remove pad
  3. Install water-proof plastic to protect sub-floor
  4. Fold carpet back
  5. Flood carpet with special urine remover
  6. Continue to flood carpet until window shows clean water rinsing throughout carpet
  7. Apply disinfecting deodorizer for pet urine
  8. Fold Carpet back
  9. Remove Plastic
  10. Clean sub-floor and apply odor sealant to prevent contamination from coming up to the main floor. In some cases, floor wood under the carpet will be replaced
  11. Dry carpet similar to water damage job
  12. Install new pad and re-install carpet
  13. Carpet is cleaned in normal manner. Result for this method is highly effective and vary depending on other small spots throughout the house and if the pet remains in the house

Severe Pet Urine Contamination, Sewer, Mold, Etc.

Gross contamination in this situation, cost to restore/clean the carpet to a healthy state is higher than replacing it.

  • We can help you select a replacement floor
  • Before new floor is installed, the sub-floor will be cleaned/sealed

We also clean other hard surfaces with urine contamination. Check out our other pages to learn more about it!

*If pet stays in house, we cannot guarantee odor removal.